Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1.1 A Small Beginning

    Alexis was extremely excited.  She was finally moving out from under her parents roof in rural Riverview and moving out on her own.  And it was all thanks to her aunt Ida, who had unfortunately passed away in a tragic pool accident.  Yet, she had left her property to Alexis, naming her as the favorite niece.  (Aunt Ida didn't have any children and had been quite a stuffy old lady.)  For Alexis the bequeathing of the property and house almost made up for her aunt's passing and was defiantly her perfect opportunity to get out of her parent's controlling reach.  

   As she pulled up to her new lot Alexis received a big surprise.  It was empty.  No big white house adorned the large expanse of grass.  What in the world had happened?   

    She immediately flipped out her phone and called the lawyer who had been overseeing the property and the process of turning it over to her.  "Jackson, what in the world happened to my house?"
    "I'm sorry hunny," he replied in his annoyingly syrupy voice, "But in order to put the property in your name the house had to go under a safety inspection.  The Sim Safety Council ruled that the house was in total disrepair and could not be made safe."
    "So what, they had to demolish the entire house?"
    "Exactly darling."
    "What am I suppose to do."
    "How should I know, tata."  Jackson hung up.

     Alexis put her phone away in disgust.  A lot of help he was.  She decided she'd just have to build a new house with the little funds she had.  Thankfully they actually covered the building of a house with a little bit of space.  A small room and bathroom, with a teeny tiny kitchen and living area.  Not much, but it was enough and thankfully left her with a little bit of funds left over. 

    Alexis decided that her next order of business would be taking a quick trip down to the local bookstore to buy some books on cooking and gardening.  One thing her parents were that she wasn't ready to let go of yet was being self-sufficient.  And so she was going to learn, finally, how to garden so that she could provide as much food for herself as well possible.  She'd probably also have to learn how to fish, ick.  But it needed to be done.  The cooking was of course to realize her dream of learning all the recipe's in the world. Then she could always eat whatever she wanted.    


    So Alexis spent her first day in her new home studying.  She needed to learn how to plant of course.  And as for cooking, she figured it was better to start with the idea of it than to just jump right in and possibly end up burning her house down.  

    The next day Alexis was able to start planting her garden.  She also realized she had enough money to take a cooking class and started cooking her own meals.  It was heaven to be able to chose what and how to do things without her parents breathing down her neck or siblings getting in the way.  

    Everything would have been absolutely perfect if it hadn't been for one problem.  The toilet completely clogged up on her that night.  She didn't really have enough money to call the repairman, so she ended up having to fix it herself.  She went to bed a little out of sort's that night.